Programs and Policies

Policies and Procedures

Eden Valley Growers provides the freshest produce by aligning ourselves with and participating in programs such as:

New York State Grown & Certified

The New York State Grown & Certified program makes it easy for consumers to identify local, safely-handled, and environmentally responsible agricultural products. This is a voluntary program that is a cooperative effort among producers, wholesalers, retailers, and the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets to meet consumer demand for high-quality food and agricultural products.

New York State Farm Bureau

Erie County Farm Bureau

– Agricultural Affiliates
– Harmonized Good Agricultural Practices with the Global Markets Addendum
– NYS Produce Quality Assurance Program
– Product grown using IPM practices


Any Quality, Quantity, and/or Price discrepancies must be reported to Eden Valley Growers management within 24 hours of delivery to receive any adjustments.


Payment is NET 21 DAYS
(1.5% interest charged after 21 days)

In order to comply with the PACA Trust Provision, we will exercise our Statutory Option on invoices not paid within 30 days of shipping.

All Prices F.O.B. (Freight On Board)


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