About Us

Eden Valley Growers, Inc. established in 1956, is a vegetable growing farm cooperative that recently celebrated its 60th anniversary, consisting of seven members, most of whom are fifth, sixth, & seventh generation farms, including Henry W. Agle & Sons, Ronald Draudt & Sons, Ken Henry & Sons, MCR Farm, Amos Zittel & Sons, Henry’s Gardens and Vacco Farms.

Our farms and warehouse are located approximately 20 miles south of Buffalo, in Eden, New York. Members now use the “Co-op” for marketing and distributing produce. From May 1st to December 1st we ship over half a million cases. Most of our shipping is throughout the Eastern United States. We handle over 45 specialty vegetable varieties. Last year we received the award for “Business of the Year” from The New York State Agricultural Society.

Eden Valley provides “one-stop-shopping”. Our Warehouse inventory includes: peas in the spring, leafy lettuce all season long, beans, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, and summer squash during the summer, and kale and winter squash through the fall. Some of our biggest volume crops are green sweet peppers, cabbage, corn, and cucumbers.

Eden Valley also supplies greenhouse materials including premier Berger & Lambert Peat/Soil mixes, Masterblend Fertilizer, & geranium & flower boxes.

In 2016 a Slush Ice Cooler was installed to become our fourth specialty cooler, along with our Vacuum Cooler, Hydro Cooler, and Forced Air Cooler. These coolers are available to any grower in the Western New York area, along with our 16,000 square feet of cooling space.

Six full-time employees operate the warehouse, covering every aspect from unloading trucks to maintaining inventory and billing customers, while eight part-time truck drivers make deliveries.

In the past few years, average sales have exceeded seven million, with 450,000 produce packages shipped in 2017. 60% of the vegetables are shipped to wholesalers and markets in the Buffalo and Rochester area. The remaining 40% are shipped out of town as far as New Jersey, New York City, Boston, Texas, Michigan, and Florida.

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