Fresh Delivery

More Vendors are committed to providing fresh food grown locally. Eden Valley is only 20 minutes south of Buffalo. Now that's fresh food!

Eden Valley Growers Is The Oldest Food Hub In New York State

Eden Valley Growers is a cooperative of 8 multi-generational family farms on approximately 2000 acres in Eden, NY. Eden Valley Growers have been growing vegetables for 60+ years

"Homegrown Produce Is Homeland Security...Support Locally Grown Produce"

Most fresh vegetables travel an average of 2,300 miles from the field to table. Support locally grown food.

Meet Our Growers

Henry W. Agle & Sons, Ronald Draudt & Sons, Ken Henry & Sons, W.D. Henry & Sons, MCR Farm, Amos Zittel & Sons, Henry's Garden & Vacco Farms.

More Than 45 Specialty Vegetable Varieties

Eden Valley Growers ships more than 500,000 of produce packages each year. 60% of our vegetables are shipped to grocery stores and supermarkets in the Buffalo area. 40% are shipped to New Jersey, New York, Boston, Michigan, Texas, Louisiana, and Frorida

Your Source For Fresh Produce Grown In Western New York

Eden Valley provides “one-stop-shopping”. Our Warehouse's produce inventory includes: peas in the spring, leafy lettuce all season long, beans, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatoes, and summer squash during the summer, and kale and winter squash through the fall. Some of our biggest volume crops are green sweet peppers, grape tomatoes, cabbage, corn, and cucumbers.

Starting Our 2017 Season

Starting Our 2017 Season
Lettuce has arrived and we couldn't be happier with what we are seeing. Boston, Romaine, Green Leaf and Red Leaf Lettuces are beginning our season and we are so excited to keep the ball rolling for this 2017 season!

Grower of the Month: Amos Zittel & Sons.

Grower of the Month: Amos Zittel & Sons.
Meet Our Grower of corn, green sweet peppers, eggplant, and much more! Amos Zittel & Sons has been a member since the beginning. The Zittel Family is exemplary of hard work and dedication.

Ready for a New Season

Ready for a New Season
Measuring 56' x 150', making a huge addition to our facility in our 2014 season, we brought cooler #5 to life! This cooler is bringing efficiency to a whole new level for us here at Eden Valley Growers, Inc.